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Experts recommend getting half of your daily grains from whole grains. To increase your consumption, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics offers these suggestions: Choose a fiber-rich, whole-grain cereal, oatmeal, or toast for breakfast. Experiment with various types of whole grains, including buckwheat, bulgur, millet, quinoa, sorghum, whole rye, and barley. Enjoy snacks such as whole-grain, air-popped popcorn.

Replace a cutting board that has cracks, crevices, chips, or grooves—they’re hiding places for bacteria that can cause foodborne illnesses, warns the University of California, Berkeley Wellness Letter. Regularly oiling a wooden cutting board with mineral or walnut oil helps prevent cracking. Using a clean cloth, rub as much oil into the board as the wood will absorb, then wipe off any extra.

Working out at too high a level of intensity if you’re just getting into a fitness regimen is a surefire way to burn out on exercise, warns the American Council on Exercise. It’s better to gradually incorporate exercise into your life, to build up the appropriate strength needed to do more high-intensity training. Good activity choices for beginners include aquatic fitness classes, walking, basic body weight training, and basic yoga or Pilates.