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When Medications
and Driving Don't Mix

When you’re not feeling well, you may think nothing of popping a few familiar over-the-counter (OTC) pills or leftover prescription medications and heading off to work or the mall.

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With grilling season almost here, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics suggests these tasty, healthy desserts. For fruit kabobs, grill pineapple slices or peach halves on low heat until the fruit is hot and slightly golden. Serve them atop low-fat frozen yogurt or angel food cake. Or grill watermelon slices for about 30 seconds on each side. When watermelon is grilled, some of its water evaporates, leaving an intense flavor.

To help you deal better with stress, the American Academy of Family Physicians offers these tips: Work to resolve conflicts you have with other people. Try to view change as a positive challenge, not something that’s threatening. Stop worrying about those things you can’t control, such as the weather. Work to solve your little problems, which will help you feel more in control overall. Set realistic goals at home and at work.

Continually work to upgrade your skills in tasks key to your job, advises Brian Tracy in Eat That Frog! This will ultimately save you time because the more confident you are in your ability to do something, the more motivated you are to do it and the more sure you are that you’ll do it faster and better.