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Alcohol Plays a Role
in 1 in 10 Adult Deaths

When consumed in moderation—defined by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans as one drink a day for women and two for men—alcohol’s impact on most adults’ health is usually minimal.

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To curb procrastination, try the “Swiss cheese” approach to daunting tasks that you usually put off, suggests Brian Tracy in Eat That Frog! With this technique, put yourself in action by resolving to punch a hole in the task, much like a hole in a block of Swiss cheese. Promise yourself you’ll work on the task for a specific period of time—it could be just five or 10 minutes—and stick to the promise. You’ll develop a sense of forward momentum once you start, and you’ll be motivated to keep going until you can complete the task.

If you’re prone to anger, the American Psychological Association recommends you try any of these calming techniques when you get stressed: Slowly repeat to yourself a calm word or phrase, such as “relax” or “take it easy,” while you breathe deeply. Visualize a relaxing experience from either your memory or imagination. Practice nonstrenuous yoga-like exercises that relax your muscles and make you feel calmer.

Sunglasses with darker lenses don’t mean greater UV protection. In fact, the University of California, Berkeley Wellness Letter warns that darker lenses can be more harmful than wearing no sunglasses, unless the lenses are designed to block UV rays. Darker lenses can cause pupils to dilate, which allows more UV rays to enter your eyes.