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Your 4-Step Plan to
Fend Off Disease

High blood pressure. Hearing loss. Osteoporosis. Diabetes—and even cancer. One simple four-part strategy can help you ward off all these feared conditions, and then some.

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Don’t let children under age 10 play with toys that plug into electrical outlets, stresses the American Academy of Pediatrics. Instead, to help prevent burns and electrical shocks, make sure youngsters play with battery-operated toys designed for them. Be sure to check that the batteries are in a secure compartment that children can’t access. When swallowed, batteries can cause stomach and intestinal problems and possibly death.

To get yourself in shape to hit the slopes this winter, the American Council on Exercise recommends adding these exercises to your regular workout routine: “Sitting” up against a wall builds the isometric strength needed for skiing’s tuck position. Crunches help build the solid core necessary for balance and agility on the mountain. Plyometric movements, such as hopping from side to side, develop muscle power and strength while also improving agility.

You need to get vaccinated against the flu annually for two main reasons, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. First, the body’s immune response from the vaccine declines over time, so an annual vaccination provides optimal protection. Second, the formulation for the flu vaccine is reviewed every year and sometimes updated because flu viruses are constantly changing.