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BELOW IS the latest lineup of selections available from our library of special reports designed to help you accomplish important self-care resolutions.

How to Quit Smoking
includes an array of tested tips to increase your chances of finally kicking the habit.

Sensible Weight Loss
teaches you a combination of effective diet strategies and a fitness regimen.

Lower Your Cholesterol Now
provides simple, effective advice for getting your numbers back in line.

Reducing Your Stress
explains exactly what stress is and offers several easy reduction techniques that work.

Walking for Fitness
provides instructions for starting a walking routine you can enjoy for a lifetime.

Workstation Comfort
illustrates how to reduce the effects of long hours of sitting and repetitive motions.

Fixing an Aching Back
offers time-tested daily stretches for preventing back injury and stiffness.

Beginning an Exercise Program
offers useful, practical advice on starting a regular routine.

Controlling Allergies
includes a list of helpful prevention tips and the latest treatments.

Lowering Health Care Costs
shows how basic self-care strategies can lead to more efficient medical care.

Living with Arthritis
explains the malady and treatment options and provides range of motion exercises.

Dealing with Headaches
addresses the trigger, treatment and prevention of several types of headaches.

High Blood Pressure
reviews the controllable and uncontrollable risk factors, causes and basic remedies.

Health Resources Index
lists dozens of telephone contacts for assistance with a multitude of health situations.

How to Sleep Well
includes a long list of tips from experts, plus a look at sleep aids and proper bed selection.

AIDS: What You Must Know
is a no-nonsense, common-sense brief about workplace situtations, tests and more.

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