11 Healthy Habits, Plus Packaged Food Picks, from a Nutritionist

Goop.com: Tips for cultivating healthy habits right now—some quick hacks, product recs, and a few bigger ideas that challenge how we can think about food.

If you’re looking for practical and nonjudgmental advice about healthy eating: Nutritionist Maya Feller’s voice is both refreshing and reassuring. This is true on the page—Feller is the author of The Southern Comfort Food Diabetes Cookbook—and over Zoom.

While all this time cooking at home can be wonderful for some, it can potentially exacerbate other people’s already fraught relationships with food. “Perfection is not the goal,” says Feller. “Sustainability and satisfaction are.” Her measured, long-term approach provides nutrition education from an antibias, patient-centered, culturally sensitive perspective, with real-food-based solutions. READ MORE

(Source: Goop.com, 09/24/2020)