15 Health Habits That Actually Optimize Your Immunity

Women's Health: “You’ve got to take an all-in, holistic approach if you’re going keep your immune system in fighting form.”

Like most of us, I’m doing my damnedest to stay healthy right now. I’m social distancing and washing my hands almost obsessively. I’m trying to eat as many vegetables as possible to ensure I'm getting health-supporting nutrients that I'm not exactly taking in via all the stress baking.

It’s also not surprising that I’ve been bombarded with news over the past few months about how to bolster my immune system. ...

Time-out, though. Immunity has a PR problem right now. The whole idea that you can power up your immunity in some quick-and-dirty way overnight (and, you know, avoid a cold or flu...or COVID-19) isn't actually how it works.READ MORE.

(Source: Women's Health, 06/18/2020)

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