31 Stretches to Help You Become More Flexible

Prevention: Alleviate stiff hips and tight hamstrings with these easy-to-master flexibility exercises.

It's easy to go through life without stretching. After all, a traditional workday can involve eight hours sitting at a desk, an hour or so of commuting, sitting in front of the TV, and so on. Even after a workout, you might need to rush out of the gym without a proper cool down. So it's no wonder many of us are complaining about joint pain and stiffness. ...

Below, we've listed 31 of the best stretches to alleviate pain and increase your flexibility and range of motion. These stretches will also help avoid injury during cardio or strength workouts. Gently lean into each position and observe which ones feel particularly challenging. Choose four of those and aim to do them once a day, every day, and you'll become more flexible within weeks. READ MORE

(Source: Prevention, 03/06/2020)