Experts Unpack Longevity Secrets

Well + Good: From five different cultures around the globe.

What’s the secret to living a healthy, long life? It was the big question on Daniel Kennedy’s mind when he set out to direct and produce his (aptly named) docu-series, Healthy Long Life. Besides wanting to know to inform his own personal habits, he had a stake in finding the answer for professional reasons too: As the CEO of Oasis of Hope Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico, helping people live well into old age is one of his great missions.

Kennedy decided to travel all over the world (this was pre-pandemic) to see if he could find the answer by learning from the world’s leading longevity experts. “I was interested in going to the longevity capitals of the world,” Kennedy says. “Of course the research on Blue Zones caught my attention, but there are many other places where [living to be over 100 in good health] is common so I wanted to go other places too.”

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