Hims Review: Are Hims' Products and Services Legit?

Innerbody: Our experts rate and review all Hims products and services.

Hims is an online healthcare provider focused on men’s health and it promises to take the doctor’s visit completely to the Internet. Hims got started after CEO Andrew Dudum’s 24-year-old sister confronted him in 2016 about his neglected health. After spending hundreds of dollars on acne and skin cream, Dudum decided to start his own company to help men take charge of their health.

At Hims, men can now receive a complete doctor’s consultation and even a prescription (if warranted and needed), entirely online. Medical services at Hims have been aimed at sexual health, hair loss, skincare, and other concerns that are important to men as they age, but now Hims is expanding into online therapy as well as primary care through telemedicine visits. READ MORE

(Source: Innerbody Research, 01/04/2021 )