How Setting Aside Some ‘Worry Time’ Can Help Reduce Anxiety

The Conversation: Anxiety and anger are normal reactions during uncertain times -- especially during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Many New Zealanders will be feeling anxious, disappointed and even angry about the return of COVID-19 in the community. Many of us prefer to suppress these emotions because they are unpleasant or we may feel under-equipped to manage them. But if left unrecognised and unchecked, they will drive our behaviour. ...

The regular practice of mindfulness, best described as deliberately paying attention to the present moment, has been shown to help reduce the reactivity of our flight or fight system. Physical activity helps to dampen our physiological symptoms of anxiety, and diaphragmatic or belly breathing is a simple but effective means of doing this. READ MORE.

(Source: The Conversation, 08/18/2020 )