Lower Body Reboot: Barre and Balance Moves

AARP: Grab a chair and try a routine that gives legs, glutes and hips a firm tune-up.

Want to boost flexibility and tone and strengthen the muscles in your arms, legs and core in a low-impact — and notably graceful —way? A barre workout could be for you — yes, you. After all, there's no leotard or serious dance skills required, and you get to do most of the moves holding on to a bar (barre) for support.

Inspired by ballet dancers’ moves like the plié (when you bend your knees and straighten them again, with the feet turned out) and relevé (when you raise your feet and legs on the tips of your toes), barre classes, or the exercises based on them, can be done by all ages and fitness levels. And yes, they’re every bit as toning, and challenging, for men as for women. READ MORE.

(Source: AARP, 06/01/2020 )