Menopausal Symptoms: There's a Place for Tech-Related Solutions

AARP: A survey on menopause among women ages 35 and older.

AARP recently completed a study of men and women to gauge interest in technology-related solutions to menopausal symptoms. ...

One third (34%) of women say their menopausal symptoms interfere a great deal with their sleep, and one in five or more say their symptoms interfere with their mood (21%) and romantic relationships (19%). Similarly, about one-third of men say their partner’s menopausal symptoms interfere with their own sexual activities (35%) and mood (31%), and more than one-quarter say the symptoms interfere with their sleep (28%) and romantic relationships (27%) in general. Together, menopausal symptoms may negatively affect more than a 80 million Americans in any given year. READ MORE

(Source: AARP, 01/01/2020)