More Information Is Better for Prostate Cancer Screening

AARP: Cal Ripken and his doctor discuss the test that can help more men avoid biopsies — or tell them to seek one, stat.

As you may have heard, baseball legend Cal Ripken Jr. received a prostate cancer diagnosis back in February and is now cancer-free. For that swift and positive outcome, he credits a new, non-invasive urine test that led him to proactively seek a biopsy — something he wants other men to know is available to them, too.

Ripken's journey began when he went for his annual physical and routine bloodwork revealed his prostate-specific antigen (PSA) — a protein produced by cells of the prostate gland — had risen over time. While between a quarter to half of the time, depending on your PSA level, this may be due to prostate cancer, much of the time it indicates something as benign as an enlarged prostate (common in men as they age) or a long bike ride. READ MORE

(Source: AARP, 10/23/2020)