New Robotic Treatment for Enlarged Prostates

Fox16 News: Baptist Health and Arkansas Urology are the first in the state to offer a new robotic treatment.

Steve Uhrynowycz, 64, has had an enlarged prostate for several years. Uhrynowycz says he’s tried medication and the UroLift procedure to treat Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH, but his prostate kept enlarging. It wasn’t until he learned about Aquablation Therapy.

“It was just amazing to me that they could take out 70% of the prostate and there not be any side effects at all,” says Steve Uhrynowycz, BPH Patient. The new, minimally invasive surgical tool aims to lower urinary tract symptoms in men. Dr. Tim Langford is impressed with Aquablation Therapy and the positive outcomes. READ MORE

(Source: Fox16 News, 01/18/2021)