The 6 Best Online Nutrition Counseling Programs of 2021

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Nutrition is a daunting topic for many: Overhauling lifelong eating habits isn’t easy. While improving your nutrition is arguably one of the most difficult challenges you will ever undertake, it’s more than worth it. Because nutrition can be so tough to tackle, though, it might be worth investing in nutrition counseling of some sort. Traditional, in-person nutrition counseling can be cumbersome and cost-prohibitive for many people—which is where online nutrition counseling comes in.

Online nutrition counseling works much like traditional nutrition counseling, but it’s often offered at a lower price point and takes up less time because you don’t have to commute anywhere. If you’re ready to revamp your eating habits, start by learning about the best online nutrition counseling programs. READ MORE

(Source: Verywell Fit, 01/19/2021)