The Alzheimer's Drugs Showing Early Promise

AARP: Along with Eli Lily’s donanemab, researchers say several new therapies offer hope.

Treatment for Alzheimer's disease, the devastating condition that affects more than 5 million Americans, has remained notoriously elusive for decades. Now, a small study released by drug company Eli Lilly offers at least a flicker of hope: It shows that the experimental drug donanemab may significantly slow patients’ cognitive decline.

The two-year study — which followed 272 people whose brain scans showed Alzheimer's — found that patients who took the drug had a 32 percent slower rate of decline than those who received a placebo.... The drug, known as a monoclonal antibody, works by binding to the hard plaque in the brain made from amyloid (a protein associated with Alzheimer's). READ MORE

(Source: AARP, 01/22/2021)