The Newest Wearables Are Using Sweat to Track Stress

Well+Good: Here’s how it works.

Almost a year into the pandemic, it seems like the right time to commit to getting stress levels under control. (If not now, right?) And because we are a culture that’s obsessed with personal data (consciously aware of our step-count, calories consumed, and hours slept), it’s not exactly surprising that the latest wearables on the market are tracking stress. While different tech companies are doing this in different ways, one up-and-coming method is tracking stress through sweat—which is how the Fitbit Sense ($279) does it...

While stress from sweat is a new concept to most, it’s something nanotechnology researcher Mihai Adrian Ionescu, PhD, Nanolab head and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology professor, has been studying for a while—and just published a paper explaining the connection in the journal Nature. Here he, along with Fitbit research algorithms scientist Belen Lafon, PhD, give more information.

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