17 Back Exercises Every Woman Should Add To Her Workout ASAP

Women's Health: It’s not all about the abs, you guys.

Anything bothering you? If you said “my back,” you’re in good company. Eighty percent of people report pain in this area at some point, according to the American Chiropractic Association. (Just a guess…your back muscles could probably use a little attention right about now.)

Thought so, seeing as how when the Women's Health fitness team conducted a little social (media) experiment to see which types of workouts our followers love most, we discovered that—*pause for dramatic effect*—those that focused on the back were saved more than any other type of sweat session on our feed. What to do with that info? Bring you the ultimate at-home version, ’course! READ MORE

(Source: Women's Health, 10/21/2020)