Change Up Your 2021 Diet With These 'Millennial' Foods

AARP: Yes, avocado toast is on our list. Nutrition experts break down the benefits of 9 options.

If you are ready to experiment with new healthy foods and recipes in the coming year, it may be time to eat like a millennial. Take a few cues from the way the younger generation eats, cooks and grocery shops, and you may be inspired to change what's on your plate without compromising your diet or derailing your weight-loss plans. Don't be afraid to tap into an internet full of creative recipes to figure out new ways to cook and diversify the ingredients you work with.

"(Millennials) want what they call ‘clean’ food. What they really mean is that they want ‘real’ food,” said Anne VanBeber, professor of nutrition at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth. “They are interested in how the preparation of the food, the packaging, and the storing of the food impacts the environment." READ MORE

(Source: AARP, 12/28/2020)