This Blueberry Smoothie Is Loaded With Longevity-Promoting Ingredients

Well+Good: Blueberries are a smoothie staple for a reason.

An explorer and journalist, Dan Buettner spends much of his time studying Blue Zones, regions in the world (including Sardinia, Italy, and Okinawa, Japan) where centenarians without health problems are commonplace. A key component of the Blue Zones diet is eating whole foods and mostly plant-based; the Blue Zones smoothie checks both boxes.

Buettner shared his Blue Zones smoothie recipe. It’s loaded with lots of fruits and vegetables, which both are food groups he says you should always have in your fridge and freezer. The only ingredients you need are blueberries, frozen spinach, oat milk, and cinnamon. READ MORE

(Source: Well+Good, 02/13/2021)